Town Hall

Palazzo Comunale

[5] The building, which formerly was the residence of government representatives, is still today the Town Hall. The embattled three-storey building with mullioned windows, in the oldest part near via della Libertà, dates from the early 13th century. Originally it had a high tower, known as Bargello, with a bell that was rung at the meetings of the Council and to call people to the streets if necessary. The part with smooth stones, between the original building and the tower of Biserno, was added in the half of the 14th century. The current structure includes the old Town Hall building with tower of Bargello, now lowered and embattled, the central addition and the tower of Biserno. Inside, two marble tombstones recall the citizenship offered to General Giuseppe Garibaldi on 16th December 1861 and its response from Caprera of 15th February 1862.